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$99 or Less Specials
11PC Nativity Large Set Figurines 214
16PC Nativity Large Set 214/I
16PC Nativity Small Set 214/O
1971 Hummel Plate Heavenly Angel
1986-2021 Silver Eagles
2000 Annual Plate Garden Splendor
2002 Hummel Figurines
2003 Hummel Figurines
2004 Hummel Figurines
2005 Hummel Figurines
2011 Angel of Hope
2012 Angel of Comfort
2013 Angel All Yours
2014 Angel Star Sparkle
2015 Angel Pure As Snow
2016 Angel Moonbeam
2017 Angel of Faith
2017 Swarovski Christmas Ornaments
2018 Angel of Love
2018 Angel of Love Blue Eyes
2019 Angel of Hope
2020 Annual Angel
2021 Annual Angel
2022 Annual Angel
2023 Fly Out Annual Angel
A Bit of Luck for You
A Boy's Best Friend
A Day Of Fun
A Four Leaf Clover
A Free Flight 569
A Gentle Glow

A Gift for You 2259
A Girl's Best Friend 2101/A
A Little Boo Boo 2334B
A Little Gentleman
A Little TLC 2334A
A Nap 534
A Personal Message
A Prayer For Everyone
A Prayer For You 2318A
A Simple Wish 2329
A Star for You 2222
A Story from Grandma
A Sweet Offering 549
A Winter Song 476
About Us
About Us
Accompanist, The
Adoration 23/I
Adoring Children 903
Adventure Bound 347
Afternoon Nap 836
All Bundled Up 2221
All By Myself 2079/A
All Smiles 498
American Spirit 2197
An Apple A Day 403
An Emergency 436
Angel Duet
Angel Duet 261/2
Angel Duet 261
Angel Duet Candleholder
Angel Serenade 214
Angel Serenade with Lamb 83
Angel Symphony Hummels
Angela 2230L
Angelic Song 144
Animal Hummel Figurines
Apple Tree Boy 142
Apple Tree Boy 142
Apple Tree Boy 142
Apple Tree Girl 141
Apple Tree Girl 141
Apple Tree Girl 141
April Showers 610
Artist 304
At Grandpa's
At Play 632
Auf Wiedersehen 153
Autumn Harvest 355
Autumn Time
Baby Gifts
Back To School 2087
Baker 128
Baker's Delight
Baking Day 330
Band Leader
Band Leader 129/0
Barn Yard Hero 195/2/0
Bashful 377
Bashful 377
Bashful Serenade 2133 Sold Out
Basket of Gifts 618
Bath Time 412
Bavarian Cheer
Bavarian Toast
Be Patient 197/I
Be Mine 2050/B
Be My Guest
Be Patient
Be Patient 197
Bedtime Story Please
Bee Creative
Begging His Share 9
Begging His Share 9/II
Behave 339
Benevolent Birdfeeder
Berlin Airlift Memorial 153
Best Buddies 794
Best Friends 731
Best Wishes 540
Big Housecleaning 363
Bird Duet 169
Bird Watcher 300
Birds of a Feather
Birthday Cake 338
Birthday Candle 440
Birthday Present 341
Birthday Serenade 218
Black Friday Sale
Blessed Event 333
Blossom Time 608
Blue Jeans Wanderer
Blumenkinder 914
Bon Appetit
Book Worm 8
Book Worm 3
Bookworm Bookend Boy 14/A
Bookworm Bookend Girl 14/B
Boots 143
Boots 143
Botantist, The 351
Boy with Accordion 390
Boy with Toothache 217
Brave Voyager Hummel Figurine 796
Breast Cancer Hummel Figurines
Brother 95
Builder, The 305
Bumblebee Blossom
Bumblebee Friend 837
Bundle Up
Bunny's Mother 547
Busy Rabbit
Busy Student 367
Butterfly Wishes 2284
Call To Glory 739
Call To Worship Century
Camera Ready 2132
Can I Play? 2097
Can't Catch Me 2228
Candleholder Candlelight 192
Candy Cutie 2341
Carefree 490
Carnival 328
Carnival Can Come
Celebrate with Song 790
Celestial Muscian 188
Celestial Musician 188
Celestial Musician 188
Celestial Musician 188
Celestrial Drummer 2096/C
Century Hummels on Sale Now!
Chapel Time Century
Cheeky Fellow 554
Cheerful Tune
Chick Girl 57
Chick Girl H
Chicken Licken
Chicken Licken 385
Chief Clear Sight
Children's Nativity 3 Piece Set Figurine 2230
Children's Nativity Set Figurine 2230
Children's Prayer
Children's Prayer with Rosary
Childrens Nativity 17Pc
Childrens Nativity Set Three Kings Figurine 2030
Childrens Nativity Set Three Shepherds Hummel Figurine 2030
Chimney Sweep 12
Chimney Sweep 12/I
Christmas Angel 301
Christmas By Candlelight 838
Christmas Carol 2073
Christmas Delivery 2014
Christmas Delivery 2014
Christmas Delivery Gift Set 2014
Christmas Delivery Large 9"
Christmas Duet 2280
Christmas Hummel Figurines
Christmas is Coming
Christmas Song (MINI FIG) 343 Sold Out
Christmas Song 343
Christmas Treat Hummel Figurine 2264
Cinderella 337
Circus Act 2166
Circus Tent
Clear as a Bell 2181
Close Harmony 336
Closed Edition Hummel Figurines
Club Specials
Coffee Break 409
Come Back Soon 545
Come With Me 905
Comfort and Care
Coming From The Woods
Congratulations 17
Contemplative Time
Count Me In
Country Devotion
Country Suitor 760
Cowboy Corral 2021
Cozy in the Kitchen
Create A Gift Hummel Bases
Crossroads 331 Set
Crossroads Sign Down
Cuddly Calf 2324
Cuddly Kitty 2331
Culprits 56
Curious Colt 2311
Cyber Monday
Daddy's Girls 371
Daisies Don't Tell 380
Dearly Beloved 2003
Dearly Beloved 2003/2
Delicious 435
Discontinued Hummel Figurines
Do I Dare?
Doctor 127
Doll Bath 319
Doll Mother 67
Don't Be Shy
Donkey Large
Donkey Small
Double Delight 849
Easter Basket
Easter Greetings 378
Easter Hummel Figurines
Easter Time 384
Easters Coming 2027
Evening Prayer 495
Fancy Footwork 2211
Fanfare 1999
Farewell 65
Farm Boy 66
Farm Days 2165
Fascination 649
Father's Day Hummels
Favroite Pastime
Feathered Friends 344
Feeding Time
Feeding Time
Feeding Time 199
Feelin Lucky
Festival Harmony 173
Festival Journey
Festival Tradition
Final Sculpt
Firefighter 2030
First Dance
First Day of School
First Flight 2173
First Kiss 2337
First Love 765
First Place
First Snow 2035
First Snow 2035
First Steps 2199
Flower Girl 548
Flower Madonna Special Decoration
Flower Vendor 381
Flute Song 407
Fly Away
Flying Angel 366
Follow that Fawn 2320
Follow The Leader 369
Fond Goodbye Century Firgurine
For Elisabeth
For Father 87
For Keeps 630
For Me?
For Mommy 2258
For Mother 257
For Mother 257
For My Sweetheart
For You Grandpa
Forest Shrine
Forever Friends 152610
Forever Yours 793
Forget Me Not 362
Forty Winks
Franconia Dance - Set
Friend or Foe 434
Friendly Feeding 2231
Friends 136
Friends Of Hope
Friends Together 662
FriendsTogether 662
Frisky Friends
Frisky Friends
From Me To You 629
From My Garden 795
From The Heart 761
Frosty Friends
Full of Charm 2282/B
Garden Gift 619
Garden Splendor 835
Garden Treasusres 727
Gay Adventure 356
Gentleman of Roses
Get Him!
Giddy Up 2303
Gift From A Friend
Gift of Hope
Gifts of Love 909
Girl Washing
Girl with Sheet Music 389 -
Girl With Trumpet 391
Globe Trotter 79
Globe Trotter 79I
Goebel Jumbo Nativity Scene 15 pc
Going Home 383
Going To Grandmas 52
Going To Grandmas 52
Gone A Wandering 908
Good Friends 182
Good Hunting 307
Good Luck Charm 2034
Good Luck!
Good News 539
Good Night 214
Goose Girl
Goose Girl 47
Goose Girl 47
Goose Girl 47
Grandma's Girl 561
Grandma's Treasures 2348
Grandpa's Boy
Gretl 2247
Guardian Angel Bless Our Home
Guardian Gift Set
Guardian, The 455
Guiding Angel 357
Happiness 86
Happy Birthday
Happy Days 150
Happy Easter
Happy Pastime 69
Harmony & Lyric 911
Harvest Blue Eyes
Harvest Time 2190
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 15
Hear Ye, Hear Ye Hummel Figurine 15/0
Heart and Soul 559
Heart of a Hero
Heart of Hope Breast Cancer
Heart of Hummel Collection Series
Heart's Delight
Heartfelt Gift 856
Heavenly Angel
Heavenly Angel 21
Heavenly Angel 21
Heavenly Angel 21
Heavenly Angel Blue
Heavenly Bouquet
Heavenly Bouquet Blue Eyes
Heavenly Prayer
Heavenly Prayer 815
Heavenly Protection 88
Heavenly Protection 88/II
Hee Haw 2326
Hello 124
Hello World Hummel Club Figurine 429
Hello World 429
Here I Come 2080/B
Here's My Heart Century
Holy Child, The 70
Holy Family 3 PC
Holy Family 3PC Large Set Figurines
Holy Family 3PC w/Stable Figurine 214
Home From Market 198
Home From Market 198/2/0
Honey Lover 312
Honor Student 2087/B
Hope 2203 Breast Cancer Awareness
Hope for Everyone
Horse Trainer 423
Hosanna 480
Housecleaning Boy with Broom
Hummel 2004 Annual Plate-Garden Gift
Hummel 70th Anniversary
Hummel Afternoon Nap 2001 Annual Plate Hummel Figurine 922
Hummel Angelic Sleep Candleholder Hummel Figurine 25
Hummel Angler, The Hummel Figurine 566
Hummel Annual Plate 1972
Hummel Annual Plate 1973
Hummel Annual Plate 1974
Hummel Annual Plate 1975
Hummel Annual Plate 1976
Hummel Annual Plate 1977
Hummel Annual Plate 1978
Hummel Annual Plate 1979
Hummel Annual Plate 1980
Hummel Annual Plate 1981
Hummel Annual Plate 1982
Hummel Annual Plate 1983
Hummel Annual Plate 1984
Hummel Annual Plate 1985
Hummel Annual Plate 1986
Hummel Annual Plate 1987
Hummel Annual Plate 1988
Hummel Annual Plate 1989 Sold Out
Hummel Annual Plate 1990
Hummel Annual Plate 1991
Hummel Annual Plate 1992
Hummel Annual Plate 1993
Hummel Annual Plate 1994
Hummel Annual Plate 1995
Hummel Apple Tree Boy Hummel Figurine 142
Hummel Apple Tree Girl Hummel Figurine 141
Hummel Autumn Harvest Hummel Figurine 355
Hummel Baking Time Hummel Figurine 2116B
Hummel Band Leader Hummel Figurine 129/III
Hummel Bavarian Christmas Market
Hummel Be Patient Hummel Figurine 197/4/0
Hummel Be Patient Hummel Figurine 197/I
Hummel Be Patient Hummel Figurine 197/I
Hummel Bird Duet 50th Anniversary Hummel Figurine 169
Hummel Bird Duet Hummel Figurine 169
Hummel Book Worm Figurine Rare 9.0"
Hummel Bumblebee Friend Annual Plate 2002 Hummel Figurine 923
Hummel By The Sea Hummel Figurine 885
Hummel Celebration of Freedom Hummel Figurine 2154/B
Hummel Checkpoint Charlie Hummel Figurine CC332
Hummel Cheeky Fellow Hummel Club Figurine 554
Hummel Cheeky Fellow Hummel Figurine 554
Hummel Childrens Nativity Angel and Animal Set
Hummel Chimney Sweep Hummel Figurine 12/4/0
Hummel Christmas Sale
Hummel Clearance
Hummel Club Figurines
Hummel Collector Sampler School Girl
Hummel Deals
Hummel Dearly Beloved 2PC Gift Set
Hummel Declaration of Freedom
Hummel Duty Calls Figurine
Hummel Enduring Glow of Freedom
Hummel Extra! Extra! Hummel Figurine 2113
Hummel Extra! Extra! We Stand Proud Hummel Figurine 2113
Hummel Figurine Factory
Hummel Figurine Musical Medley Collector's Set
Hummel Figurines 2002-2005
Hummel Figurines 2007 Angel with Carillon Hummel Figurine 2135
Hummel Figurines 30-50% Off
Hummel Figurines Autumn Delights Collector's Set
Hummel Figurines Dreaming Collector's Set
Hummel Figurines Four Seasons Set and Display
Hummel Figurines Friends MI Hummel Figurine 136
Hummel Figurines From The Past
Hummel Figurines Harmony in Four Parts Hummel Figurine 471
Hummel Figurines School Days MI Hummel Figurine 2220
Hummel Figurines Springtime Friends MI Hummel Figurine 2218
Hummel Figurines Springtime Splendor Collector's Set
Hummel Figurines Summer Days Collector's Set
Hummel Figurines Sunflower Boy MI Hummel Figurines 2219
Hummel Figurines Winter Magic Colletor's Set
Hummel Flower Stand Collector's Set
Hummel Free Spirit Hummel Figurine 564 Sold Out
Hummel Full Speed Ahead Gold Edition Hummel 2157
Hummel Full Speed Ahead Hummel Figurine 2151
Hummel Gift Certificates
Hummel Good Friends Hummel Figurine 182
Hummel Good Luck Hummel Figurine 2034
Hummel Good Luck Hummel Figurine 2034
Hummel Good News (MODIFIED PERS.PC.) Hummel Figurine 539
Hummel Gotcha! Hummel Figurine 2215
Hummel Halt NYPD Hummel Figurine 2039
Hummel Happy Traveler Hummel Figurine 109
Hummel Heavenly Harpist Hummel Figurine 2096/B Sold Out
Hummel Hitting the High Note Hummel Figurine 846
Hummel Holy Family 3 PC (White)Hummel Figurine 214
Hummel Home From Market Hummel Figurine 198
Hummel Hummele Collector's Set Hummel Figurine 365
Hummel Kids Club Collectors Set Hummel Figurine
Hummel Latest News (MODIFIED PERS.PC.) Hummel Figurine 184
Hummel Latest News, Leipzig Fair Hummel Figurine 184 Commerative Edition
Hummel Little Fiddler Hummel Figurine 2
Hummel Little Goat Herder Hummel Figurine 200/I
Hummel Little Helper Final Issue Hummel Figurine 73
Hummel Little Landscaper Little Gardner Set
Hummel Loving Wishes Ltd. Ed. Musical Set w/ Motion Hummel Figurine 573
Hummel Lucky Fellow Hummel Club Figurine 560
Hummel Meditation Hummel Figurine 13/4/0
Hummel Military Homecoming
Hummel Mini-Figurine Joyful Noise Hummel Figurine 643
Hummel Moments in Time
Hummel Morning Concert Hummel Figurine
Hummel On Parade with Flower Hummel Figurine 720
Hummel One Coat or Two Collector's Set Hummel Figurine 2040
Hummel Orn. 2000 Light The Way Hummel Figurine 599
Hummel Orn. 98 Echoes of Joy Hummel Figurine 597
Hummel Parade On Lights Hummel Figurine 616
Hummel Peaceful Offering Hummel Figurine 2066
Hummel Pleasant Moment Wonderland
Hummel Practice Make Perfect Boy Hummel Figurine 771/4/0
Hummel Practice Make Perfect Girl Hummel Figurine 2223
Hummel Precious Pianist Hummel Figurine 2135/C
Hummel Puppet Theater Collector Set Hummel Figurine
Hummel Puppy Pal Hummel Figurine 2229
Hummel Quick Pick
Hummel Quick Picks
Hummel Quilting Bee Hummel Figurine 2107/B
Hummel Serenade Hummel Figurine 85
Hummel Soldier Boy Hummel Figurine 332
Hummel Star Gazer 2000 Annual Hummel Figurine 920
Hummel Sunflower, My Love? Hummel Figurine 902
Hummel Swarovski Clearance
Hummel Swarovski Figurines
Hummel Swaying Lullaby Collector Hummel Figurine
Hummel Sweet As Can Be Birthday Sampler Hummel Figurine 541
Hummel Thanksgiving Prayer Hummel Figurine 641
Hummel The Florist Annual Plate Hummel 924
Hummel Treehouse Treats Hummel Figurine 156075
Hummel Umbrella Boy Hummel Figurine 152A
Hummel Umbrella Girl Hummel Figurine 152B
Hummel Vacation Time Gift Set Hummel Figurine
Hummel Volunteers Hummel Figurine 50
Hummel Wonders Of Spring Hummel Figurine 156073
Hummele 365
Hummels A-M In Stock
Hummels at a Discount 404 Error Page
Hummels at a Discount Add Link Page
Hummels at a Discount Link Partners
Hummels N-Z In Stock
Hurry Along
I Brought You A Gift 479
I Didn't Do It
I Protect You
I Will Follow You 906
I Wonder 486
I Wonder Hummel Figurine 486
I'll Protect Him 483
I'm Carefree Figurine 633
I'm Here 478
Icy Adventure Collector Set Figurine
In D-Major 430
In The Meadow 459
In The Orchard
In Tune
Infant Jesus 214
Infant Jesus Small
Inventory Reduction
Is It Raining? 420
Is It Raining? 420/4/0
It's Cold 421
It's Cold 421
It's My Turn
Joseph Figurine 214
Joseph Figurine 214
Joy of Hope 2252
Joyful Gifts
Joyful Noise 643
Jubilee 416
Jump For Joy 2084/A
Just a Sprinkle Hummel Figurine 2336
Just Arrived
Just Dozing 451
Just Ducky
Just Fishin' 2350
Just Fishing 373
Just for You
Just Horsin' Around
Just Resting 112
Just Resting 112
Just Resting 112
Keeper of the Goal 2212
Key To My Heart
King Kneeling Figurine 214
King Kneeling Figurine 214
King Kneeling W/Box 214
King Kneeling W/Box 214
King Moorish 214
King Moorish 214
Kiss Me 311
Kitty Kisses 2033
Knit One Purl One 432
Lamb Large
Lamb Small
Land in Sight 530
Lantern Fun
Large Hummels
Latest News 184
Lay-a-Way Plan
Lazybones 612
Learning to Share 2250
Lebkuchen Joy Blue Eyes
Let Freedom Ring Figurine 2134
Let It Snow 2037
Let It Snow Hummel Figurine 2036
Let Me Help You 2246
Let's Be Friends
Let's Be Friends 2232
Let's Sing
Let's Sing 110
Let's Sing 110
Let's Take to the Ice 2143
Let's Tell The World
Letter To Santa Claus 340
Light of Hope Figuine 2233
Light The First Candle
Limited Edition Hummels
Little Architect 410
Little Banker
Little Blessings 2230T
Little Bookkeeper 306
Little Cellist 89
Little Cellist 89
Little Concerto 2257
Little Drummer 240
Little Fiddler 2
Little Fiddler 2/III
Little Fiddler 4
Little Gardener 74
Little Goat Herder
Little Goat Herder 200
Little Guardian 145
Little Helper 73
Little Hiker 16
Little Knitter
Little Landscaper Hummel Figurine 2011
Little Landscaper Pumpkin
Little Lawyer 2343
Little Luck 2296
Little Maestro
Hummel Figurine 826/I

Little Miss Mail Carrier 2120
Little Nurse 376
Little Pharmacist 322
Little Scholar 80
Little Shopper 96
Little Skipper
Little Sweeper 171
Little Tailor 308
Little Thrifty 118
Little Tooter 214
Little Tooter 214
Little Troubadour 558
Little Troubadour 558
Little Troubadour Club Figurine 558
Little Visitor 563
Littlest Teacher Collector Set 2268 Sold Out
Looking Around 2089
Lost Stocking 374
Love In Bloom 699
Love's Bounty 751
Lucky Boy 335
Lucky Fellow 560
Lucky Friend 2235
Lucky Girl
Lullaby Candleholder 24/I
M I Hummel Figurine Skier Hummel Figurine 59
M I. Hummel Figurines B
M. I. Hummel Figurine Frequently Asked Questions
M. I. Hummel Figurine History
M. I. Hummel Figurines
M. I. Hummel Figurines A
M. I. Hummel Figurines C
M. I. Hummel Figurines D-E
M. I. Hummel Figurines F
M. I. Hummel Figurines G
M. I. Hummel Figurines H
M. I. Hummel Figurines I - J - K
M. I. Hummel Figurines L
M. I. Hummel Figurines Listing
M. I. Hummel Figurines M
M. I. Hummel Figurines N - O
M. I. Hummel Figurines P-Q
M. I. Hummel Figurines R
M. I. Hummel Figurines S
M. I. Hummel Figurines T
M. I. Hummel Figurines T
M. I. Hummel Figurines U - V
M. I. Hummel Figurines W-X-Y-Z
M. I. Hummel Plates
M. I. Hummel Specials
Madonna Holding Child
Madonna with Halo 45/III Special Limited Edition
Maid To Order
Mail Is Here, The 226
Make A Wish 475
Make Me Pretty
Making Music
Making New Friends
Making New Friends 2002
March Winds 43
Marmalade Lover
Marmalade Lover 2249
Max and Moritz 123
May Dance 791
Me and My Shadow
Meditation 13/2/0
Meditation 13V
Meditation EOY 13
Merry Wanderer
Merry Wanderer 11
Merry Wanderer 7
Merry Wanderer Figurine 7
Merry Wandress 2059
MI Hummel 2008 Annual Angel with Accordion Hummel Figurine 2135M Sold Out
MI Hummel Angel of Peace Hummel Figurine 2315
MI Hummel Angel with Harp Hummel 2135/N
MI Hummel Beep Beep Hummel Figurine 2291C
MI Hummel Big Fish Hummel Figurine 907
MI Hummel Big Fish with Scape Hummel Figurine 907
MI Hummel Call To Glory Collector Set Hummel Figurine 739
MI Hummel Carousel Hummel Figurine 233011
MI Hummel Christmas Morning Hummel Figurine 2263
MI Hummel Country Figurine Hummel Figurine 232344
MI Hummel Figurine Fresh Blossoms Hummel Figurine 624
MI Hummel Figurine From The Pumpkin Hummel Figurine 2175
MI Hummel Figurine Heart and Soul Hummel Figurine 559
MI Hummel Figurine Let's Sing Hummel Figurine 110
MI Hummel Figurine Little Scholar Hummel Figurine 80
MI Hummel Figurine Sunday Stroll Hummel Figurine 2237
MI Hummel First Two Wheeler Hummel Figurine 2319
MI Hummel Fun in the Sun Hummel Figurine 2332
MI Hummel Hope Blossom Hummel Figurine 232338 available Feb 2013
MI Hummel Hope for Tomorrow Hummel Figurine 2294
MI Hummel Just Ducky Hummel Figurine 2278
MI Hummel Little Concerto Europe Limited Edition Hummel Figurine 2257
MI Hummel Little Landscaper Bananas Hummel Figurine 2011
MI Hummel Little Landscaper Coconuts Hummel Figurine 2011
MI Hummel Little Landscaper Hibiscus Hummel Figurine 2011
MI Hummel Little Sweeper Final Issue Hummel Figurine 171
MI Hummel Loads of Fun Hummel Figurine 2156
MI Hummel Look At Me Hummel Figurine 2279
MI Hummel Military Blessed Event Hummel Figurine 333M
MI Hummel Military Little Patriot Hummel Figurine 2048
MI Hummel Military Prayer Before Battle Hummel Figurine 20M
MI Hummel Military Spouse Collector Set Hummel Figurine 559M
MI Hummel Military Trumpet Boy Final Issue Hummel Figurine 97M
MI Hummel Military We Congratulate Hummel Figurine 214M
MI Hummel Puppet Love Hummel Figurine 2209A
MI Hummel Puppet Pal Hummel Figurine 2209B
MI Hummel Sister's Children Hummel 2288
MI Hummel Sounds of Spring 10 Piece Collector Set
MI Hummel Strolling with Friends Hummel Figurine 2285
MI Hummel Strolling with Friends Hummel Figurine 2285
MI Hummel Strum Along and Little Troubador
MI Hummel Summertime Friends Set Hummel Figurine 2275- 2276
MI Hummel Sweet Caroling Hummel Figurine 845-2181
MI Hummel Swimming Lesson Hummel Figurine 2551 Sold Out
Military Brave Soldier
Millennium Madonna
Mini-Echoes of Joy 642
Mischief Maker 342
Miss Beehaving 2105
Mixing the Cake 2167
Mommy's Darling
Morning Call 2227
Morning Concert 447
Morning Stroll 375
Mother's Darling 175
Mother's Day Hummel Figurines
Mother's Helper 133
Mountaineer Figurine 315
Multiplication Tables
Music Box Chick Girl 1988
Music Box Ride Into Christmas 1987
Musik Please Collector Set 2108/A
Musik Please Colletion Set 156115
My Edelweiss
My Edelweiss Blue Eyes
My Favorite Pet 361
My Favorite Pony 2019
My Hearts Desire 2102/A
My Little Horseshoe
My Little Lamb Figurine
My Sweet Song
My Wish is Small 463
Nativity 17 PC Jumbo Set 260
Nativity Hummels
Nativity In Stock
Nativity Set 11PC Color Small Figurine 214/O
Nativity Set 12PC Color Large Hummel Figurine 214/I
Nativity Stable New
Nature's Gift 729
New 2006 Hummel Figurines
New 2007 Hummel Figurines
New 2008 Hummel Figurines
New 2008 Swarovski Crystal
New 2009 Hummel Figurines
New 2010 Hummel Figurines
New 2011 Hummel Figurines
New 2011 Swarovski Crystal
New 2012 Hummel Figurines
New 2013 Hummel Figurines
New 2014 Hummel Figurines
New 2015 Hummel Figurines
New 2016 Hummel Figurines
New 2017 Hummel Figurines
New 2018 Hummel Figurines
New 2019 Hummel Figurines
New 2020 Hummel Figurines
New 2021 Hummel Figurines
New 2022 Hummel Figurines
New Additions
New Hummel and Swarovski E-mail
New Swarovski Hummel E-mail
Nimble Fingers W/Wooden Bench 758
No Bed Please 2313
No Name
No Thank You 535
Noisemakers 2358
Not For You
Nutcracker Sweet Collectors Set 2130
Nutcracker Sweet Set
Off on a New Adventure
Oh No! 2082
Oktoberfest 2093
On Holiday
On Our Way 472
On Parade 720
On Secret Path 386
Once Upon A Time 2051
One Cup Of Sugar 2116
One For You For Me 482
One Plus One 350
One,Two, Three 555
Only for You 2309/B
Ooh My Tooth 533
Out Of Danger 56
OX Figurine 214
Ox Small
Pampered Puppy
Patriotic Hummel Figurines
Pay Attention 426
Peaceful Blessing
Peaceful Blessing 814
Peaceful United
Perfect Pitch 2150A
Photographer, The 178
Picture Perfect
Pigtails Club Kit Hummel Figurine 2052
Pixie (Companion To Scamp) Figurine768
Playful Blessing 658
Playing Around 2088/A
Playmates 58
Playmates 58
Pleasant Journey
Pleasant Moment 425
Pony Express 2043/B
Postman 119
Practice Makes Perfect with Wood Rocker 771 Sold Out
Prayer Before Battle 20
Prayer Before Battle 20
Precious Bouquet 2282/A
Precious Pony 2310
Pretty Please 489
Pretzel Boy Collector 2093
Pretzel Girl 2004
Private Conversation 615
Prized Pig 2325
Profession Hummel Figurines
Proud Baker
Proud Moments 800
Proud Moments 800 Bermuda Island Sold Out
Puppy Love 1
Puppy Pause 2032
Puppy's Bath 2281
Ready or Not 2342
Ready to Play 2274
Relaxation 316
Retired Swarovski
Retreat to Safety
Retreat To Safety 201
Return Merchandise Authorization Request Form
Return Policy
Ride Into Christmas 396
Ride Into Christmas 396
Riding Lesson 2020
Ring Around the Rosie 348
Ring In The Season 2073
Rodeo Roundup
Roses Are Red 762
Round We Go 2291D
Run-A-Way 327
Sailing Lesson 2290
Saint George 55
Scamp Figurine 553
School Boy 82
School Boys 170
School Boys Hummel Figurine 170/III
School Girl 81
School Girl 81
School Girls 177/III
School Girls Hummel Figurine 177
School's Out
Scooter Time 2070
Seasonal Hummel Figurines
Seasons Best 2143
Secret Admirer Hummel Figurine 2102/B
See The Second Candle Burning
Sensitive Hunter 6
Sensitive Hunter 6/0
Serenade 85
Serenade Large
Shall We Dance 2177
Sharing A Song 2080J
Sharing A Story 2080/A
She Caught It Swarovski
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Shepherd Boy 395
Shepherd Kneeling 214
Shepherd KneelingFigurine 214
Shepherd Standing Figurine 214
Shepherd With Sheep Figurine 214
Shepherd's Apprentice Figurine 2226
Shepherd's Boy
Shepherd's Boy 64
Shine So Bright
Shining Light 358
Signs of Spring 203
Silver Eagles
Sing Along 433
Sing With Me 405
Singing Lesson 63
Sister 98
Skier 59
Skier 59
Sleep Tight 424
Sleepy Doll 2009
Sleigh Ride 2236
Small Nativity Figurines
Smiling Through 408
Snow Day
Soap Box Derby 2121
Soldier Boy 332
Soloist 135
Soloist 135
Song of Hope 2330
Song Of Praise 454
Sound of the Mandolin Figuine 438
Sound the Trumpet 457
Sparkling Shell 2301
Special Delivery e 2248
Special Pricing
Spring Dance 353
St. Nicholas Day and Ruprecht Set Figurine
Star Gazer Bosnia Hummel Figurine 132
Star Gazer Figurine 132
Starlight, Star Bright
Starting Young
Stieff Bear
Stitch in Time 255
Stitch in Time 255
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather 71
Stormy Weather 71
Story Time 2261
StoryBook Time 458
Street Singer 131
Strike Up The Band
Strolling Along
Strum Along 557
Summer Adventure 2124
Summer Castles 2275
Summer Delight 2276
Summer Olympian 2345
Summertime Surprise 428
Sunflower Friend 2000 Piece 2104
Sunny Morning 313
Sunshower 634
Supreme Protection 364
Surprise 94
Susi 2254
Swan Chariot 2291B
Sweet As Can Be 541
Sweet Greetings
Sweet Love
Sweet Music
Sweet Music 186
Sweet Music Figurine 186/III
Sweet Surprise
Sweetheart 2323
Tag Along Teddy 2333
Teacher's Pet 2125
Teaching Time 2349
Teddy Tales 2155
Teddy Tales 2155 Surprise Collector's Set Sold Out
Teeter Totter Time 2312
Tell Me A Story Boy
Tell Me A Story Girl
Telling Her Secret 196
Thankdgiving (Sheafbundle)
Thankdgiving (Turkey)
Thanksgiving Specials
The Angler 566
The Cat's Meow 2136
The Florist 349
The Guardian
The Kindergartner 469
The Little Goat Herder
The Little Pair 449
The Little Pair Hummel Figurine 449
The Poet 397
The Professor 320/0
The Smart Little Sister 346
The Surprise 431
The Wanderers Millennium
Thoughtful 415
Three Little Wanderers
Time Out 470
Timid Little Sister 394
Tippy Toes 2335
To Keep You Warm W/Wooden Chair 759
To Market 49
Today's Receipe
Togetherness Hummel Figurine 753
Too Shy To Sing 845
Town Mayor
Toyland Express 2018
Trail Blazer 2045
Traveling Trio 787
Trio of Wishes
Troublemaker 2205
True Friendship 402
Trumpet Boy 97
Tuba Player 437
Tuneful Angel 359
Tuneful Trio
Tuning Up 915
Two Hands, One Treat
Umbrella Boy
Umbrella Boy 152
Umbrella Boy 152
Umbrella Boy 152A
Umbrella Boy Figurine 152A
Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl 152
Umbrella Girl 152B
Umbrella Girl Music Box
Up and Down 2291/A
Vagabond 799
Valentine Hummels
Valentine Gift 387
Valentine Gift 387
Valentine Gift 232387
Valentine Joy
Valentine Joy
Village Boy 51
Village Boy 51
Village Boy 51
Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
Vision of Hope
Visiting An Invalid
Volunteers Desert Storm 50/2/0
Wait For Me 2148
Waiter 154
Waiting Around 2089/B
Wake Up!
Wake Up! Boy
Wash Day 321
Watchful Angel 194
Watchful Vigil 2230S
Wayside Devotion 28
Wayside Devotion 28/III
WAYSIDE HARMONY 60TH ANNIV.EDIT.(JAN.99) Hummel Figurine 111
Wayside Harmony 111
Wayside Harmony 111
We Belong Together
We Come In Peace 754
We Congratulate 214
We Congratulate 220
We Wish You The Best Century
Weary Wanderer 204
Wedding/Anniversary Hummels
Weekly Deals
Welcome Spring Century 635
Well Done!
What a Day
What a Smile 2214
What Now?
What's New 418
What's That 488
Where Are You? 427
Where Shall I Go?
Which Hand? 258
Whistler's Duet 413
Will It Sting 450
Will You Be Mine? 273/2/0
Windy Wishes 2079/B
Wings of Hope 2351
Winter Adventrue 2028A
Winter Days 2072
Winter Friend
Winter Time Favorites
Winter Wonder
Winter's Here 2185
Wintertime Duet 2134
Wintertime Fun!
Wishes Come True 2025
Wishing on a Star 2287
With Love Greetings 309
Wonder Of Christmas
World of Hope
Worldwide Wanderers Hummel Figurine 2000
Worship 84
You Belong To Me
You'll Be Fine
Young Guardian
Young Scholar